Hi I am Sebastien aka Sebby aka Fm2R aka FalMatrix2r aka Jseb aka Jsfey aka lolesk
Just a good old gamer and tech geek
I am into making youtube videos and sharing my funny wierd life hoping to put a smile on your sexy face!
I test alot of things, from photoshop to movie editing to comedy and bla bla..i guess you can say i’m more of an artistic person (drawing penises on MSN)
I also have a 2nd channel i’m working on putting up that for serious Tech reviews

PS: sometimes you might find french, german and english vids mixed up cause i speak all 3 languages and never decided to make a channel in one language only but do a mixing kinda thing, so let me stir you up and do the barrel roll with me!

Here are a few of my links:

My website and forums (under construction)

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My Steam
jsfey or falmatrix2r

My 1st blog ever…

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